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Live entries, exits and trade calls for both swing and day trades on crypto and stocks, with detailed set ups charts and more.

Beast trades has come together from 2 dedicated traders who became tight knit over the last 18 months in the web 3 space. Phil (@1beastmode) founder of beast genesis Nick (@Nickalbs) founder of Takin Shots, now bring both trading communities to the masses to invite newer and earlier on traders to sharpen their craft while stacking profits with a proven community!

We also wanted to change things up, we know we can get a lot more money for our information and education, but we decided to make it AFFORDABLE breaking the barrier down for the early on traders, No other community offers the amount of value we bring or can beat our price.
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Learn technical analysis, patterns, and watch our recorded training material. With our large extensive video library you can go back anytime to learn as much as you want when you want.

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With over a decade of actively trading stocks and other markets. I have gained the skills necessary to help as many day traders looking to improve their winning odds with proven techniques I personally use everyday to secure wins. 

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